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5 Individual Health Insurance Secrets You Never Knew

It is well documented how the field of individual health insurance continues to present great difficulties to most people in terms of ability to understand it. Whether one resides in Florida, or California, or even Texas as well as New York and other states in US, it appears that this is one of the most frequently misunderstood types of health insurance plans in the entire country. To form a better appreciation of this insurance plan for individuals, its secrets have to be underlined.

The first secret you need to understand about this insurance plan for individuals is that it is never provided by employers. Presently, 57% of all health insured Americans have done so through their employers. A further 29% have received health insurance through one of the many plans supported by the government. However, the people who are working but their employers don’t offer insurance plans, have no option but to turn to the individual insurance plans for their health.

As long as your body mass index and cholesterol levels among others are considered to be great, you are likely to receive the best rates and quotes for this type of insurance cover. These rates may be as close to those of group health insurance covers and in some cases are almost purchased at either half or a third of the costs. This is not a secret that many are aware of. Some people are quick to rush off and dismiss this type of insurance without the proper information.

An individual insurance cover for your health presents you with a wide range of companies to choose from. This is quite different from group health insurance as you have no choice but to go with what the employer recommends. The fact that you have a wide range of options to choose from places a huge load of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to carry out proper research which is not that difficult as long as you make use of the experts in this field.

You are advised to purchase individual health plans from bigger companies. One of the benefits of doing so is that you are charged very little for items such as prescription drugs. It offers you a better bargaining power. Business owners are not exempt from applying for and buying the individual health plans, or even doing the same for their employees. This is a service that all are qualified for, although the requirements may appear a bit more stringent than in other types.

If you are going to apply for individual insurance plans, it is better you do so before your health starts developing problems. Insurance companies demand for a higher level of honesty and truthfulness from people applying for this type of insurance. Failure on your part to be truthful may give rise to a practice in the insurance industry known as rescission. This is where your claims are denied because, on review, it is found that you failed to mention preexisting condition.

You can start budgeting for the individual health cover by entering your ZIP Code on the box that is placed on the top of this page. Once you do that, you will receive free quotes which are currently available in the health insurance market to cater for your individual health.