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A 101 into the American Health Insurance Politics and Legislation

For some of the more experienced individuals in matters pertaining to healthcare, be it individual, group or family health insurance, the deal is not proper and discussed herein, are some of the reasons why.

The trend that has been with us for an exceedingly long time is always an upward one. Throughout and consistently over more than 20 years, the cost of health care has increased at a rate not matched by many statistics. In the US that rate is higher than the rate of population growth, twice the rate of inflation, and the rate of GDP growth! Health care is on average, responsible for approximately fourteen percent of the US’s GDP i.e. gross domestic product. Politics and legislation may have a key role in this outcome because other countries have made it work and have spent a much lower percentage on health insurance and care than the US. This does not mean these are the only factors. The world at large is experiencing a rise in health insurance price, but it is the consequent ways of handling the situation that matters. Other countries especially the developed ones are diversifying into the manageable and better quality nationwide schemes that cover everyone. Employers are also encouraged to set up schemes for their employees that provide better quality heath care that the conventional ones. Legislation should be passed keeping in mind the rapid growth of population due to better living standards, which will in turn swell the cost and demand for health care. It should not be too rigid as to frustrate efforts to meet demands.

The problem has not been made any easy by what can only be associated with politics. You may assume that just because you pay your premiums, your health insurance policy covers you fully, only find out your insurance company does not and refuses to cover for certain medical treatments. This is not government politics but politics in the health insurance industry. The main factor for refusal to cover medical expenses related to treatment of certain conditions is the cost of the treatment. Most of these companies are out to make maximum profits and treatments deemed not cost effective are not in their health insurance policy. It is the same in the insurance industry; If you live in a flood –prone area, the politics of the industry dictates that you can hardly find any insurer willing to cover you for that. The sector has to be reverted to its sense of helping out the client during medical emergencies and not shun them. This is what the ideal individual or family health insurance policy accomplishes. The best tool to ensure this is the law. Enactment of suitable, effective and viable legislation will improve the health care we have in place or create better solutions for the American people. You can get to know a lot more about health insurance and health care related issues by entering your zip at the top of this page. There is much more to learn and discuss on matters of legislation and politics in health insurance. Just enter you zip and learn more.