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A General Look At Some Individual & Family Health Insurance FAQs

One cannot overestimate the importance of a decent health insurance program. The many different insurance covers with varied levels of protection give rise to numerous questions and it has to be said, intense confusion. Shopping for the most appropriate cost effective and secure plan can be extremely exhausting and unsettling. Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below

Am I eligible?

The question of eligibility is a crucial one. Certain requirements have to be fulfilled before qualification or be eligible for certain health care covers. The requirements vary throughout various states in the US and between various medical insurance providers. Some of the weighty issues that determine eligibility are:

–              Age.

–              Employment/Income.

–              Medical history.

–              Individuals with unique needs.

–              Low income families.

–              Pregnant women.

These are just a few of the factors that determine eligibility. Good information is vital in choosing the best individual and family health insurance policy.

How long is the process of enrollment?

Another frequently asked question is the time it takes for an interested party to get covered. Some people may require immediate cover. A number of factors determine the speed at which an application is processed, evaluated and approved. The age of the applicant, health and type of cover are some.

What are the chances of approval or denial?

This generally depends on one’s medical history and the type of cover. An individual with a poor record of health or medical complications will find it extremely difficult to get approval.

Can I add my family members to my health insurance cover?

Most health insurance providers allow for newborns to be added to existing covers. Adding other members is a lot more complicated.

Is there short-term or temporary health insurance cover?

Some health insurance providers do offer short-term or temporary protection. This type of cover also has the advantage of faster approval as well as being comparatively cheaper. A number of factors may necessitate the application of temporary cover. One such factor is change in employment status for individuals whose employer offers individual or family health insurance cover as part of the employment package.

Is a physical exam necessary to get health insurance cover?

This is not necessary. However, issues such as age may necessitate the application of a physical exam in order to evaluate the health condition of an individual.

Will my pre-existing condition be covered by my individual health insurance policy?

This will rest upon the severity and nature of the pre-existing condition as well as the health insurance provider. This is an immensely serious issue and due care should be taken when choosing the insurance policy. Most individual health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Is weight a factor in health insurance?

In Illinois as an example, health insurance providers have a measurement chart that they use to evaluate applications in terms of height in relation to weight. It is generally known that obesity is a problem that brings about many health complications. It is increasingly becoming a huge issue in the United States. Many health insurance providers usually charge a higher rate to people with weight issues. Some insurers reject overweight individuals outright.

My application was denied. Do I have any other options?

Whether one succeeds, depends largely on the health insurance provider.

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