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A New Dawn in Health Insurance for Californians.

Prior to the beginning of 2011, California health insurance companies charged extremely exorbitant rates for their premiums. They would increase their rates and no one would dare raise a finger against them. The state has the power to question insurance companies proposed increases in health insurance rates by over ten percent. Through the implementation of rate reviews, insurers were required to publicly justify the increase in rates. This however, had little or no effect on residents of California who are in dire need of affordable health care. Despite naming and shaming these companies, the state of California had no power to compel them to reduce their premium rates.

A number of new bills signed into law by Jerry Brown, Governor of California are geared at safeguarding the client against exploitation when looking for a viable insurance company in California. Californian Insurance companies may have had the whole state at their palm, but this new legislation may have the firms dancing to a different tune. When it comes to women, more protection will be given to them whether they have an individual insurance cover or are covered by their employers. Three laws in this clause guarantee pregnant women, maternity services. The same goes for mothers with new born babies giving the children the best possible start, according to Governor Brown. As of 1st July 2012 according to SB 222 of the law, all individual insurance policies in California must provide for maternity services. The same goes for group and family health insurance plans according to AB 210. As an extension of this law, employers are required to pay premiums that will ensure coverage of women in the group health policy while they are on maternity leave. This as we can see will be an exceptional year for women.

The Bureau of Statistics under the United States Department of Commerce shows that small and medium enterprises make up the largest number of employers in California, a figure well over 90 percent of all employers. The new California health insurance legislation will also benefit the small business community of employers. Small businesses with a maximum of 50 employees will find the cost of health insurance being more affordable. In general Californians may be eligible for insurance rebates whether their insurance coverage is via their employer or on individual insurance policy. This should follow the coming year. Insurance companies are also required to spend a bigger percentage of the premiums on healthcare for all members with policies. For those on the lower income bracket, a bill is in place to enable them to apply for subsidized California health insurance through the California state health insurance exchange online. These Legislations have come as a relief for many Californians who for a long time have not been able to afford decent health care. If you are in California, scroll to the top of the page and enter your Zip. Browse the available California health insurance company quotes that have implemented the legislations mentioned and make your decision.