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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Student Health Insurance Plans

Every year, very many families  that have  children  graduating from the colleges and universities  find themselves in the situation whereby  they are  required to replace  the health  insurance of their student  because that student is no longer  covered by the  school-sponsored  or family  insurance plans.

The students in general rely on four major types of the health insurance namely the parent’s health plans, college-sponsored plans, supplemental cover and the commercial student health insurance plans.  The health plans of the parent are in most cases provided by the employer while college-sponsored plans are provided by the education institutions for the duration that the student is going on with the studies.  The college sponsored heath insurance cover automatically expires after the graduation from the campus.  Each of these three types of student heath insurance schemes has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.



–           there is no requirement  for  the enrollment action

–           it offers  the least  additional cost the student’s parent

–           It offers adequate coverage at the home


–           it does not offer full cover outside  the United States

–           depending on the terms and conditions of the policy, the cover may automatically terminate at the  ages of 21 or 23  before  the student has completed the  studies at the college or university

–           There  are in most cases  limited  choices of the providers of the health insurance cover  at the physical location of the college



–           the cover may include  some specified pre-existing conditions

–           it is generally  of low cost  and hence affordable to most students

–           It is the easiest insurance cover that student can  access while on the campus

–           The cover has very little  expenses out of the pocket


– There is no health coverage outside United States

–  Because it has limited cover, it does not offer adequate insurance against the high medical expenses

– There may be need of referral if the major care is required

–  There many few providers of the health insurance outside the physical location of the college.



–  It offers both US national as well as international health coverage

– You can use any medical provider

– You can continues enjoying the cover after completing of the studies so long as you area paying the due premiums

– The issuance of policy is very fast

–  Online enrollment is allowed

–  The payment of premiums can be done on monthly basis


– Because it is a deductible policy, it has higher out of pocket expenses

– The policy does not cover dental or eye care



– There are no deductibles

– It is cheap and affordable

– It is widely and readily available

– It has wide liberal eligibility s


– It is not comprehensive

–  It has lower limits for coverage

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