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Answers For Individual & Family Health Insurance Questions

What Is The Cost Of Individual Health Insurance For The Average Person?

With everything in the health sector getting expensive, so is the cost of health insurance. Discussed here are a few pointers that may make you have an idea. Gender is a factor. Men die younger and make lesser medical insurance claims, as opposed to women. This makes men premium rates relatively lower than women. The young people also have relatively lower premiums because they are at their prime and healthy hence, at a lower risk of health complications. The older you get, the riskier it is to contract conditions and the higher the premium. Lifestyle choices especially smoking, can negatively affect the price of your insurance coverage. Smokers pay a higher premium because of high risks of contracting conditions. Other factors may include location, the present status of your health and many more.

Can I Buy Individual or Family Health Insurance if I am Jobless?

The answer is a resounding yes and it is no different from buying health insurance when employed either. If you have the resources to buy the coverage, all you have to do is go and shop for the most viable policy for you. With this insurance, you just walk up to the health insurance provider, settle on a policy with maximum coverage at a low premium and buy it. Health insurance prices are usually high, making it hard for someone who is unemployed to keep up but the fact is it is doable and better than having no health care coverage at all.

If I am Medicaid-Eligible, Is It Advisable to Buy Individual Health Insurance?

You should first understand what Medicaid is and what individual health coverage is, to be able to weigh out your options. Medicaid provides the recipient health insurance benefits for no cost. One must be qualified to get in this bracket which is solely for individuals with low incomes. You will start by evaluating the positives and negatives and make that decision. Private health insurance is a costly affair. The premiums are high and differ from person to person due to factors like age, pre existing conditions, weight and lifestyle. The plans usually involve charges such as copayments, deductibles and other costs payable by the recipient. Eligibility is red-taped with the possibility of physical examinations and even denial of coverage.

The upside is that private health care will give you the best services and you will have the flexibility of which company to buy insurance from and what kind of coverage you would like. On the other hand, individuals under Medicaid have their expenses taken care of by the state. This service does not have eligibility conditions based on pre-existing conditions. However, due to reliance on public funds, Medicaid may not give you the flexibility of choice to get better health services elsewhere. What they have is what you get. To get more questions answered or to get a free health quote from leading health care carriers in the country, enter your zip in the box at the space provided on top of the page. It is basic and fast. Just enter your zip code.