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Benefits of the Revised American Health Insurance Act of 1996

Prior to the implementation of the 1996 HIPPA Health Care Act, the private sector of the American Health Care system worked best for those who could afford high Health Insurance prices. As a result of cost regulation, many Health Insurance providers voiced their disagreement with the act. Despite this, the HIPPA act was passed to refurbish the Health Insurance and health care sector in America. The act ensures privacy and individual fair control of each individual over their medical information. It extends its cover to protection of an individual’s Health Insurance in the event of loss of the present cover or loss of a job. The act allows an individual to make copies of their medical records for whatever reasons. The act standardized all forms of health care from renewing ones Health Insurance cover to the liberty to choose the physician one may want. It is a daunting task for the government to keep medical care evenhanded without injuring the existing private health insurance sector that bases their core business on profit making.

Life everywhere in the world is becoming more computerized with most sectors of the economy requiring digitized databases to store, maintain and share sensitive information. The same has been incorporated in the American Health care system. All eligible persons in America has their medical information stored in a central computerized system for easy access to the individual from anywhere in the country. The confidentiality of this system is guaranteed in the Privacy and Security section of the 1996 Health Insurance Health Insurance Prices Health Care Act. Heath insurance providers, hospitals and any form of healthcare houses are held accountable to the confidentiality of each patient’s medical information. For the benefit of every individual under the Health Insurance Health Insurance Prices Health Care Act, it is advisable for one to be well versed on the provision of privacy in Privacy and Security Rule. This is for an individual’s own benefit since if a physician or health care institution violates this rule they are liable to face the law. If one is not conversant with the rules, then their rights will most likely be violated. Cases when an Insurance company charges an individual a higher premium because of someone’s disability or medical history is an absolute breach of the Privacy and Security rule. This including cases of release of a patient’s private medical information without their consent or knowledge, are the leading violations by Health Insurance companies.

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