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Common Concerns Regarding Health Insurance

If you are one of those people who are having second thoughts on purchasing a health insurance, this article might help you in your insurance concerns.

HealthInsuranceDo I need health insurance?

Without health insurance, you will be forced to pay the full costs for doctor’s visits and hospitalizations. Prevention is always better than cure. Preventative care is an important element in health care and could save a lot of money. People under health care plan will pay less when compared to people who are not enrolled in a plan.

How does it work?

In a health care plan, a person pays a monthly premium and when he has to visit a doctor the insurance company will pay a portion of the bill. The customer will pay a lower portion of the bill.

How is the premium rates calculated?

You will be asked to provide your health information when applying for individual health insurance coverage. Sometimes, they ask for applicants for clarification or request additional information from an applicant’s physician. Once the company determines the status of your health, a rate will be assigned to you by the company and you will be added to a pool of other individuals with similar health status.

Which plan is best suited for me?

Before choosing a health care plan, there are a lot of factors that must be considered. Having a preexisting condition like illness or injury before signing for a plan may affect your coverage. Know exactly what your needs are. Younger people may need plans that more about preventive care while older people may want coverage’s for surgeries and prescription medication. Certain plans have specific networks that allow you to visit only certain doctors.

What if I am having a pre-existing medical condition, can I still buy an individual health insurance?

Most states have ways of providing individual health insurance coverage for uninsured people through high risk pools. Thirty three states provide this coverage. Twelve states use other means for providing insurance for these people. There are 5 states that still have no means of providing insurance to people with catastrophic medical conditions.

Can any insurance policy cover my pre-existing condition?

This depends on two factors. First, it depends on whether you are in an individual insurance plan or a group insurance plan. If you are in a group plan there is more flexibility as there are more offers for better coverage for employees with pre-existing conditions. The health condition is also a determining factor.

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