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Family Health Insurance Options Available In New York

The state of New York, also known as the Empire State, is among the best paces for one to live either individually or with a family. One of its best features is the vast number of grand insurance firms and benefits thereof that New Yorkers can exploit. With all these advantages, there is a slight catch. Most insurance cover policies in New York are expensive though and the government has instituted programs to cover less fortunate families and individuals. This has made most New York residents to have a secure insurance cover despite the rising cost of Health Care.

Most New York insurance firms operate claims according to the 63 day rule. This means that whether less fortunate or not, an insurance claim will not be denied if the premiums have not been paid for a minimum of 63 days. This, however, does not apply in emergency situations. Every person irrespective of their insurance cover or premium payment history shall not be denied the required medical services in the event of an emergency.

Like all other states, New York Health Insurance is offered in three distinctive ways. One can opt for a private policy via ones employer or via subsidized government programs. Insurance coverage from an employer benefits those who are employed in that the company or the employer pays a larger percentage of the premium leaving the employee to settle the rest from their salary. With the rising cost of health insurance, most employers have changed their employee’s insurance cover to one with high deductibles and lower premiums. This saves the company a lot of money but is a bit unfair to the employees. Academic insurance also falls under this category. Some academic facilities in the state of New York often give health insurance to students as a form of motivation. For instance, students who are able to maintain or exceed a specified number of credits per semester are offered such an incentive. This lifts a heavy health insurance burden from the parents with more than one child who already have the whole family’s health insurance premiums.

Among the New York Family Health Insurance programs subsidized by the government are family health plus, Medicaid and Health NY (New York). Medicaid is an insurance policy program in which individuals have to pay any premiums. One is eligible for this program when the sum of one’s income is less than the deductions made. Family health plus is for persons between the ages of 19 to 64 whose requirements exceed that of Medicaid. It also does not have any premiums but applicants to this program should be uninsured.

Health NY is for those persons who cannot access or are not eligible to Medicaid and family health plus. For persons in New York who would want access to these and more services, please enter your Zip at the top of this page for more information on the medical services available for you and your family depending on your requirements.