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FAQS about family and individual health insurance in Pennsylvania

I am a Pennsylvanian, I direly need health insurance bit I cannot afford it. How ill the health care reform laws help me?

Under the new healthcare reform laws, some individuals may qualify for subsidy that will help them in paying the premium cost of the health insurance claims.  Beginning the 2014 and depending on the level of your income, you   may get tax credit as a subsidy n to help you in the paying of your health insurance.

If at the present I do not have health insurance, is it compulsory to buy it now?

AffordableHealthInsuranceFor the proposed healthcare reform laws to work, the costumers are required to buy health insurance cover.  The health insurance prices    may vary from one insurer to the other. You should request for quotes from various insurers so as to compare and then choose the affordable. In your choice of the preferred health insurer, you should also buy your health cover from insurer that has profile of prompt settlement of claims.

I am a Pennsylvanian and I do not have health insurance cover because of pre-existing condition.  How will the healthcare reforms help me?

If you are in the scenario whereby you cannot acquire health insurance cover because of pre-existing health condition you can take advantage of the Pennsylvania Fair care.  The PA Fair Care is the health plan in the state of Pennsylvania for the adults who are not insured because of their pre existing conditions.   Although this  PA health care plan  is  temporal, it offers the  transitional  coverage of insurance  until such time  when  the wider  insurance  coverage provisions  of the  federal health care reform laws  take effect  in January 2014.  At the present, the health insurance premiums are pegged at average cost of the private coverage in the Pennsylvania state market.   Although it may not cover every person, the PA Fair Care is a good start towards the health care coverage for all Pennsylvanians and to great extent all the Americans.

Now that I have health insurance cover, will the insurance premiums change as from January 2014?

It is not very clear whether the insurance costs of every person will change.  What is expected is that the healthier Americans may end up paying more premiums on their policies while those with poor people may end up paying lesser premiums.  Once the new law takes effect, the American health insurance companies will not be allowed to charge the older people premiums that are three times more than those charged the paying persons.

Will health insurance policies still have the annual coverage limit or life time cap?

The proposed health care reforms will make major important changes in American health insurance system. Under the new law, all the lifetime caps and majority of the annual limits are limited for most of the policies that were issued or renewed on/after the September 23, 2010.

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