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Frequently Asked Questions About Individual And Family Health Insurance Policies

Purchasing a family insurance plan can reduce costs as it includes surgeries, medical tests, hospitalization, consultation charges and other medical coverage’s. It is better to have a family insurance as early as possible since any medical abnormalities, injuries, or pre-existing illness may not be covered. A family health insurance plan is considered best when it has separate deductibles for each member of the family and a family deductible.

Which is better family or individual group insurance?

Family insurance works out to be cheaper than individual insurance plan.

How is group health insurance different from individual health insurance?

Individual health insurance is different from group insurance. Group insurance is offered through an employer. Individual and family health insurance has high deductibles and limited prescription drugs coverage when compared to group health insurance plan.

What is the difference between comprehensive and basic coverage?

Basic coverage insurance covers only for medical costs like surgery and hospitalizations and comprehensive coverage’s include routine visits, medicines, surgery etc. but comprehensive coverage is costlier when compared to basic coverage.

What kind of plans is available?

Individual and family health plans are either indemnity or managed-care plans. There are few differences in these plans. The main difference will be the choice of providers, the way in which the bills are paid and out-of pocket costs. There is a broader selection of healthcare providers in indemnity plans when compared to managed-care plans. In indemnity plans, you need to pay the bill first and then reimburse from your insurance company. In general, you will have a broader selection of health care providers in indemnity plan and lower out of pocket costs and less paperwork in managed care plans.

Who should consider about a high deductible insurance plan?

If you are very healthy and have a lot of money, you may consider a high deductible insurance plan. If you rarely need prescription drugs and have no pre-existing medical condition, you can consider a high deductible insurance plan.

How can I get an insurance policy if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

The patient Protection and Affordable Care act have signed into a law to help people with pre-existing conditions but this will come into effect in 2014. Till then, you have to look for pre-existing medical condition insurance policies. To qualify for this plan, you must have a pre-existing medical condition, not insured for more than six months and must be denied by any private insurance company. Some of these details vary depending on where you live. Get your family and individual health insurance quotes for free by providing the zip code above.