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Frequently Asked Questions about Individual & Family Health Insurance in US

Can the insurer cancel my insurance cover if I get sick?

One of the purposes of initiating the recent health care reforms is to regulate the health insurance and address the injustices that some insurers do to their customers.  For the policies that were issued or renewed on/after the September 23, 2010, this new law prohibits the insurers from canceling insurance coverage after the insured has been diagnosed with illness. The only exception is if that insurance policy was acquired through misrepresentation or fraud.

Under the new law, what am I required to do if the health insurer cancels my insurance coverage?

FamilyHealthInsuranceUnder the new law, if the insurance company retroactively  cancels  or rescinds  your health insurance cover,  that insurance company is required to provide an advanced notice to you (the insured) of its intention of doing so. The health insurance company can only cancel the policy if you have committed fraud or you have made misrepresentation of vital fact intentionally.  If the insurer notifies you of its intention of canceling your cover while you have not committed the offence of misrepresentation or fraud, you can file complaint against it to the insurance regulatory authorities.

For the singles, without children and who earn under $10,000 per annum, what choices of insurance cover will be available for them?

From January 2014, the single adult persons who earn annual salaries ranging from $10, 830 to $14,400 are offered the option of choosing to purchase the health insurance coverage through exchange or to enroll in Medical Assistance.  The exchanges under the new law are marketplaces in the insurance sector which offer various federal subsidies.  The person earning under $10, 830 per annum can enroll in the Medical Assistance but they are not entitled to the federal subsidies of the exchanges.

When can a 21-year old child be legally added in to the adult heath insurance plan under the new law?

For the health insurance cover plans entered in to on or after the September 23, 2010, the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are to the effect that employers and insurance companies that are engaged in the business of providing dependent coverage should make the coverage to be available to the adult children of the persons who are already enrolled in to the insurance health care plan until the 26th birthday of those adult children.  You can enroll the adult child in the group coverage within the short period of open enrollment after the effective date.   The effective date for the individual policies is the first day of calendar year or the annual renewal date.

What should one do if his/her child is beyond the age limit of the employer-based policy?

For the health insurance cover plans beginning  the September 23, 2010 or after  that date,  the young adults  who have aged off the policies of their parents  and who thus lack  the coverage through  the employer  can be placed back  in to the policy of the parent  during the subsequent period of enrollment.

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