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General Frequently Asked Questions About Individual & Family Health Insurance

What is individual & family health insurance?

The individual & family health insurance is the type of medical insurance cover which specially designed for the families and individuals instead of organizations or groups.  Although most Americans prefer the situation whereby their employer provides insurance cover, insurance experts advice that it is still very important highly recommended that you take out your own family or individual insurance.  There are very many options of individual & family health insurance options that you can choose from.

What is non renewal and how does it operate?

If your health insurance policy has no guaranteed renewal, the insurer may exercise its right of non-renewing the policy.  The term non renewal refers to termination of the health insurance contract at the expiry of the insurance cover policy.  If the insurer makes the decision to non-renew the policy, the law requires that it should mail or in nay other way deliver to you non-renewal notice 60 days prior to the date of expiry of the health insurance policy.  The non-renewal notice should provide the exact reasons why the insurer has declined to renew the policy.

How can you purchase individual health insurance cover?

The purchase of individual health insurance cover is very easy. You can buy it directly from a health insurer or through an approved health insurance agent.  There is no additional cost of buying the health insurance policy through   insurance agent.  In all cases, you need to read the terms and conditions of the insurance very well and answer all the questions that are asked by the insurer as honestly as possible. The common law insurance principle allows the insurer to avoid insurance claims if the insured made untrue utterances while filling the insurance proposal form.

How does the individual health insurance differ from the insurance through my employer?

The insurance that is bought through the employer is referred to as group health insurance; this means that the premium rates are determined depending on the health status of the individuals in the group. The rates of individual and family health insurance are based on the individual covered but not the group.  The insurer will like to get some information from you. Some of the required information includes health status, age, gender, use of tobacco and other factors.

What are some of the provisions of the individual heath insurance cover?

There are some differences in the terms of the health insurance policies from the different insurers but in general, the policy will provide for compensation in case of injury or sickness. The nature and form of injuries and sickness that may be covered is very wide but there are always some limitations that may differ from one heath insurance company to the other. You are advised to discuss with the insurer about what is covered and that which is not covered before you sign the insurance contract.

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