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How California Has Aligned Health Insurance Laws With The Obamacare

California is among the states that have started to enact laws in line with what has come to be referred as the Obamacare. This has risen out of the need to ensure that most of her citizens who have some pre-existing medical conditions get access to private health insurance. A pre-existing medical condition can be described as those which can make an individual to become illegible from buying health care insurance other than through the employer sponsored insurance. Therefore, we can conclude that there is a new program for Californians funded by the federal government for people with a pre-determined medical condition.

With the enactment of the new law, it becomes illegal to deny children under the age of 19 with coverage due to their pre-existing health condition even if their parents do not have coverage. Also, with effect from the year 2014, it will be illegal for insurance companies to bar an individual from insuring due to a pre-existing medical condition.

The state government of California has also started implementing some other laws. This includes clauses on the health care coverage as outlined in chapter 661. According to this new law, there is a requirement of reviewing and certification of the premium filings by an actuary who is independent to ensure that costs of premiums are calculated more accurately. There is also a requirement of posting any increment on the websites of both the insurer and the independent actuary. These laws to protect the consumers are more than what the federal government’s health care reforms offer.

The state of California has also tried to align her insurance laws with the federal government as outlined in chapter 657. As per this clause, the contracts of a health care plan should also cover some preventive services without any shared costs. Also, chapter 658 prevents a person from canceling a policy after he has been enrolled. This is unless the individual proves that there has been a case of fraud or even a material misrepresentation that was intentional in the terms of the policy.

The state of California was also the first to help it’s consumer to buy some health insurance at a competitive rate with effect from the year 2014. Through the California Health Benefit Exchange, it made it easier for both individuals and small businesses to buy health care insurance plans from the market. This ensured that there was competition in the industry and the policy holders enjoyed the same benefits available to the large employers.

Through legislation, the state of California also seeks to enhance the family health status of the citizens through strategies that are aimed at both wellness and prevention. This may include promoting of healthy living and eliminating of coinsurance. The state also hopes to achieve this by making grants for pilot projects on programs aimed at prevention and wellness. Therefore, the state of California has implemented the necessary legislation to ensure her citizens enjoy more affordable family health insurance. Whether you are in California or any other state, you can get the best rates on health insurance by simply entering your zip code above.