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How Much Should I Expect To Pay For Family Health Insurance After Health Reform

If you are worried about how much you should pay for family health insurance after the health reforms, you should have peace of mind since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in March 2010 mainly addresses on strategies of accessing health insurance more easily. It also ascertains that all the Americans in need of health insurance cover will be capable of accessing the policies easily. However, it is not yet clear how these reforms will impact on out-of-pocket expenses and premiums. There is probability that costs will keep escalating in the near future.

Basically, the cost of your health insurance after the reforms will still be determined by the old factors such as health status, income level, occupation and place of residence of the policy holder. There are a number of additional methods that one can use to acquire the insurance policy and they affect its cost. These methods include:

Employer health insurance

Majority of mid size and large companies in US offer individual and family health insurance to their employees as incentives. Many Americans with health insurance often acquire it from their employers.

Family health insurance you purchase individually

In case you are self employed or you work for a small organization that does not offer insurance cover, then you will need to purchase an insurance cover on your own.

Government provided health insurance

The government does provide family health insurance for specific eligible persons. These include the disabled, low income earners and persons aged 65 years and above all qualify for the government insurance. The two main government organs offering these policies include Medicaid and Medicare.

What is composed in family health insurance costs?

The cost of your family health insurance policy you pay even after the health reforms will still be determined by a number of factors.  These factors include:


This is the monthly, semi-annually or annually fees paid to the insurer or health plan provider in order to get the health coverage. The premiums cater for various costs like medications, doctor visits and hospitalizations.

For people who are employed by various companies, the employer is responsible for paying monthly premium. However, the employee is also supposed to contribute certain amount from their income. The employees’ contribution is often deducted directly from their paycheck. For the self employed, they have to cough up the whole amount.

The amount of family health insurance premiums you will pay also depends on the kind of plan you will have chosen. Insurance pans characterized by high-out-of pocket expenses (copayments, deductibles and coinsurance) come with low premiums. Conversely, plans featuring low out of pocket costs come with higher premiums. The family health insurance prices of plans that require clients to use series of hospitals and doctors normally have lower premium.

Expect also the cost of your premiums to increase if you have a large family. A person with a family of three will definitely pay less than other clients with a family of five and have similar status. Age, occupation and health condition of the clients and their family are other essential factors that determine family health insurance.

However, if you are on tight budget and you would like affordable health insurance, just take a minute and type your zip code on her above search box.