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How To Acquire Individual Family Health Insurance When You Are Not Employed

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

Through joining cobra, the unemployed persons remain under the insurance cover provided by their former employer. For children leaving for college, joining this program makes them eligible to remain under their parents’ family health insurance plan. This option is suitable for unemployed persons or those who have lost their job recently and are undergoing medical treatment.

Worker’s compensation

In case you stopped working because you sustained injuries at your work place, consider asking for worker’s compensation. All reliable employers provide their employees with compensation scheme that would cover them and their family in case they are no longer capable of working.


This family health insurance program is offered to the unemployed persons and low income earners who cannot cough up the amount required for affordable insurance programs. Different states have different requirements for one to be eligible for the program. For those who are not employed, it is always advisable for them to check out whether they are qualified for the programs prior to checking out the rest of the methods. Actually, this is the most popular method that many people use to acquire family health insurance when they are not employed.


This family health insurance plan is basically meant for the unemployed persons above 65 years. It is given by the government but it is normally managed by the Social Security Administration. However, if you receive Social Security benefits you may also be eligible to benefit from Medicare.

Sate high risk health insurance pool

Many unemployed persons with preexisting conditions often find it difficult or impossible to acquire suitable family health insurance as a result of the high cost of the policy. Majority of the states have high risk health insurance pool where such persons can acquire suitable insurance plans.  For the people who do not qualify for COBRA plan, this could be only alternative that would cater for people with preexisting conditions.

Individual family health insurance

In this plan, an individual just approaches an insurance company after comparing several family health insurance quotes. The plans works the same way just like an employer health insurance would. The only different comes in the fact that the clients will have to dig deeper into their pockets since there are no employer allowances available. Self employed persons hold these kinds of family health insurance plans. Another weakness of these plans is the fact that they may not cover pre-existing conditions entirely or until a certain period has passed.  The individual family health insurance prices can be kept low through choosing a plan with high deductibles. Nevertheless, be careful since this plan means that you will have to pay high treatment cost from your pocket.

It never fails that many Americans who are not employed pay high family health insurance prices as a result of inadequate market research. If you are interested in getting a suitable individual health insurance deal, the search box above the page is a step closer to getting you a deal tailored to your specific needs.