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Indemnity or Managed Health Insurance: Which is the Better Choice?

A decent Health Insurance plan usually centers on what one is willing contribute, for the sake of the health of their families as far as health is concerned. Both the indemnity and Managed Health Insurance plans are available to an individual or a family. All persons whether single or in a family setting should prioritize their heath and well being above all financial based activities. An indemnity health insurance in America involves the patient setting their own bill then submitting a xerox of the bill to the health insurance firm for compensation. This sort of transaction is often called fee for service. Compared to the insured party’s insurance agreement, the insurance company may either settle the whole amount or a percentage. In case someone is admitted, the insurance plan will have a stipulated amount of money set for daily use while in the hospital. Since the money is sent to the patient, the use of the money is at their discretion. They may use it to cover transportation to the hospital, future checkups, an additional nurse for home based care or additional out of pocket costs that may come up. Some people opt to couple an indemnity insurance plan with an already existing insurance policy. This may increase the cost a bit, but is a remarkably reasonable plan. Indemnity is generally high in the Heath Insurance Prices category.

A Managed Health Insurance cover involves the employment of care policies like PPO (Preferred or Participating Provider Organization), POS (Point of Sale) and HMO (Health Maintenance Organization). In is a heath care system meant to subsidize or reduce the cost of providing health care services for all insured people in the United States. This form of Health Insurance offers the insured the flexibility of either paying a standard monthly premium or making a co-payment forfeiting the monthly premium. The Managed Health Insurance cover is much preferred by most average earning people since it is friendlier to the pocket that indemnity. Managed Health Insurance specifically the HMOs are assisted by the IPA (Independent Practice Association) which is an officially permitted to finding and assigning qualified physicians who are remunerated on a capitation basis. The IPA also offers pro-bono services to persons not covered under managed care.

The choice is now left to you, whether to choose Indemnity coverage or opt for the much cheaper Managed Insurance plan. Whichever plan you may choose make sure to have enough information on the Insurer. One should not shy away from asking questions about certain coverage from your intended insurer. Get referrals from friends, relatives or co-workers on what to look for in an insurer. For those who already have insurance coverage, please enter your Zip in the top of our page and compare your Health Insurance with others in the industry.