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Learn About The New York Health And Hospitals Corporation

In 1969, the New York State Legislature instituted the HHC whose sole function was to be a corporation that benefits the public. It is currently the leading municipal healthcare program in America serving mainly the less fortunate in the society as well as the working class population. New York has the oldest public hospital, the Belevue Hospital which was initially designated for American and other presidents in the event they required medical attention while in New York. HHC is a major backbone in Family Health Care in the United States being that it instituted programs like Family Health pus and child health plus which are all geared towards the well being of the health of families in New York.

Medicaid and Medicare are two major achievements of HHC in terms of family Health Care for the less fortunate is concerned. These two programs rose to become among the most effective sources of funding for health related services for persons with limited resources. Since its inception to this very day, the mission statement for HHC remains the same. This is to provide, promote and protect the welfare of all New Yorkers irrespective of their income status. To unite other communities and health related personnel with the aim to promote and protect health. The HHC has succeeded from donations from well wishers in New York. Thousands of people come out each year to volunteer in various activities in the aim of improving the lives of patients admitted in the HHC facilities.

The facilities include eleven hospitals, 4 nursing homes, 6 diagnostic and treatment centers and many more. Volunteers come from all over New York to help in renovating these facilities so as to keep them running. HHC has helped a lot of people with chronic illnesses and in 2006, was ranked as having the best quality care for persons suffering from pneumonia, heart failure and heart attack. This survey was conducted by the federal government’s Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services or CMS. It has won many awards even before these one and many others later. This actually means that even though the HHC caters for all including the less fortunate in society, it does so by keeping its health standards high and thus a benefit to all.

Many people and institutions have come up in arms against some allegations within the HHC. Well, as we know it there is nothing perfect in this world and with everything good, there is an equally bad side. Numerous law suits have been raised and loopholes were found in the system. The HHC has since publicly agreed to implement much needed reforms. On more information on health insurance firms and hospitals that can assist you or are running within the HHC program, enter your Zip at the top of this page and receive a flood of information at the click of a button.