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Massachusetts Health Insurance – A Workable Health Care Solution

It essentially maps out that all persons over the age of 18 should have a health insurance cover if it is within their reach. Defaulters get a tax penalty. I cannot stress enough that all adults in the State of Massachusetts are required by the states legislative law to acquire health insurance and the insurance has to meet basic and beneficial requirements that are referred to as the MCC or the Minimum Creditable Coverage. If a Massachusetts resident is unable to find a stable income source to cover for Individual health insurance needs, he or she may qualify for Commonwealth Care or Mass Health Care. A determination of what one can pay in relation to the size of one’s family and the income they earn is an option available for other residents. The Massachusetts Health Insurance law primarily aims at providing high quality, affordable and accountable health care.

Since its enacting, it has been amended to be able to cater for the ever emerging needs of the residents e.g. for residents who have fallen under the three hundred percent of the Federal Poverty Level, subsidized options and other low cost health insurance plans are at their disposal while those under the one hundred percent marks will get full state assistance. The Massachusetts Health Insurance law has been at the forefront of the political scene, and it is believed that this pioneering health care plan was used as a blueprint for federal law. Massachusetts is a success story when it comes to the health care law that proved better than the ones in other States. It is however, a political nightmare having to make the policy work. With politicians and law makers pointing fingers, complaining of exclusion and all the bickering, it is becoming apparent that it will not be a smooth ride. The primary features of the Massachusetts Health care law are essentially subsidization of health insurance by the state for residents earning low incomes and the compulsory acquirement of health insurance by all adults.

This had never been done in any other state and became the backbone in drafting the federal law. It has been argued that the health insurance law in Massachusetts is not particularly sustainable without deploying measure that will drastically cut back on the evergrowing health care spending. This is a viable point, as it is across every industry. Reducing the operation cost will ensure sustainability, and Massachusetts is no different. The initial price tag came to about $720 million each year. Please take a moment to enter your zip above so as to make informed comparisons and decisions about the legislation and the political outcomes that will affect you as a Massachusetts resident or an American citizen. Know what your politicians have been up to with your health insurance options and keep up-to-date with the latest in healthcare. Enter your ZIP above for the experience.