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Popular Frequently Asked Questions About Individual & Family Health Insurance

What are the family & individual health insurance plans?

The family & individual health insurance plans are provided by the health insurers so that individuals can buy their own insurance cover for their health as well as that of their families.  The goal of every government is to have every person covered by health insurance.  The treatment of most ailments is costly and you cannot know when you are going to get sick.  Most governments around the world including the United States require the working individuals to buy out compulsory health insurance.

The premiums on health insurance are generally low and affordable to most Americans.  The family health insurance offers wide coverage including that of your dependants such as parents, children and spouse. There is no single reason why you should not be covered by this vital insurance.

What are the choices and options for the family & individual health insurance plans?

There are two major types of the family & individual health insurance plans namely the indemnity and the managed-care plans.  There are some slight differences in these two types of healthcare insurance plans.  One of the greatest differences of the two is costs. This is so because different insurers have different ways of billing their plans.  In most of the cases, indemnity plan has more providers than the indemnity plan.  However, regarding the indemnity plan, the provider of healthcare insurance will pay for only the medical coverage after receiving you claims. There may in this instance be charges that you are initially required to pay.  You will then afterwards be required to receive the reimbursement of the charges that you have paid.

If you choose the managed healthcare plan you also need to note that it is of several types. PPO, POS and HMOS are generally termed as managed healthcare plans which require the use of network of your healthcare insurance provider.  Within these plans, the services which can be received have prices that are pre-determined. The network will submit   the bills on your behalf to the health care insurance company.  This means that there will be few upfront cots that you are required to pay although there will be limitation of want providers you are capable of seeing.

What are PPO plans?

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization.  In this plan, the insurer provides you with the information about the network of hospitals and doctors that it prefers.  If your hospital or doctor is included in the network, you are entitled to some discounts on your premiums.

What are HMO health plans?

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization and it refers to individual health plan whereby available hospitals and doctors are exchanged at lower costs.  With HMO, you will pay lees premiums but you will have fewer choices of hospitals and doctors for treatment.

What are POS plans?

POS stands for Point Of Service.  It is basically a hybrid of PPO and HMO plans

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