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Health insurance price in most cases are determined by several factors that come into play in the process and in the life of an individual. In most cases the cost is determined by the age of an individual, the condition of one’s health that is a situation of how healthy or unhealthy an individual is at that particular moment, the place where a person seeking the cover lives, the income of an individual and in some instances job status of a person also determines how much an individual will part with to be offered the service.

There are several ways that a person or people can access these policies, and this ways can influence the amount an individual will pay, some of these ways include, the cover provided for by an employer. In many instances large cooperation’s and companies provide the policy for their workers as Part of the employee’s benefits especially in the United States.

Most of the Americans who access these services obtain from their companies they work for. Another way that an individual can access the cover is by purchasing one’s own, those who work for small companies of they have their own job not employed by any company will rather need to buy their own insurance which may depend and differ from those provide for by the company again this will depend with some ones income and way of life.

There are also health insurance price by the government , it pays the cover for people who are 65 years or older, these who have no income or their income is little and the disable people in the society, people that fall in this category are their covers are paid by the state.

Other factors that determines how much price an individual will have to pay each month, and this factors are; the first is the premium, this include the fee that a person pays every month to a company for the provision of the health services which may include medications, the visits a person makes to the doctor, and in some cases the fee for hospitalizations.

For those employed the company will pay which in some instances some money is deducted from a pay slip each month, for the people who have employed themselves they will have to pay full amount of premium every month.

Another factor is the out of pocket expenses, this are expenses a person is expected to pay on top of the premium paid monthly, the expenses that are paid for may include the doctor’s visits, drug prescription and in some companies annual deductibles, these are the amount paid by an individual before the cover begins to pay on the behalf of a person.

In a report released to public in 2009, on a comprehensive survey of premiums. It indicated that on average Americans health insurance price for the annual premium of amount totaling to $2,985 for an individual person and for a family an estimate of $6,328. But these estimates are different among states.