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Why Group Health Insurance is Good for Your Employees


Apart from just paying your employees it is wise to have incentives so as to motivate employees. An incentive like Group Health Insurance helps the employees confident about their work conditions and ensures that they work to their full potential. The insurance cover will cost the employer more money than not having one but the advantage is, in the long run, the company will gain more from the employees. If the employees are comfortable, then your business will go on well. You will begin to witness increased productivity resulting in increased income for you, the employer. In short, if the employees are happy, the employer will be happy too. In order to do this the right way, provide medical insurance for the employees and their families. By covering their medical bills via insurance, you will realize that there will be fewer days when the employees abscond work because of being sick. On the contrary if you choose not to give them insurance cover, they may have longer sick days. In some cases, they may not even have enough money to go to the hospital which may result in dire consequences. So this means that if medical cover is provided, an employee will visit a doctor at the first sign of illness. This translates to less time off work and ease of mind for the employer.

Among the few short falls of this means of incentive is that, on an individual basis it will be extremely expensive. Individual health insurance is expensive and may reach a level that is too much for the employer to afford. This may occur if you have many employees or if one or more of them is prone or suffering from a chronic ailment. The other option would be to pay through cash which may instigate some fraudulent activities. An employee can easily collude with a scrupulous doctor and claim to be sick with the aim of siphoning money from you. What will happen is that you may end up paying medical related costs for a person who does not need them. The money may be split between the doctor and the said employee for other benefits other than medication. Just giving the offer of medical cover does not make employees automatically loyal, finding the best way to administer it does.

With all these disadvantages to a good idea, Group Health Insurance comes with the best solution. Group Health Insurance can cover all the medical requirements for your employees and their families while keeping a tight leash on fraud. In addition to covering all the above, it is also remarkably cheap, meaning that it is convenient for the company. An insurance firm can have a Tailor Made Insurance Policy, to cover all the chief medical needs of the group. A Group Health Insurance policy has no limit on the number of persons in the plan. This makes it suitable for anything from small, medium to large businesses. If you are thinking of motivating your employees with this particular venture, enter you or your business’s Zip, and find numerous Group Health Insurance companies and weigh their offers until you get a suitable one.

Group Health Insurance Tips

There are various reasons that lead individuals to choose and take advantage of this type of cover. The relatively cheaper cost of a Group Health Insurance plan is a key aspect, add to it the negotiating power of a large group and the ease at which applicants are able to enroll. It is obvious why a huge number of Americans are covered by a Group Health Insurance plan. A few states have also made provisions that allow for self employed individuals to enroll as a group of one. Additionally, the COBRA Act of 1985 enables workers who have lost their employment to purchase the Group Coverage from their former employer’s health coverage for an extended time after the termination of employment. The normal period is normally one and a half to three years. The self employed can also join a Group Health Insurance plan offered by some trade associations and chambers of commerce.

A good deal of information and planning is required before joining a Group Health Insurance plan. One should scrutinize the health insurer’s plan to make sure it fits the requirements. A thorough study of the insurance company is essential. The websites are an excellent source of information brochures are also available and a reliable source of information. Through this information channels, careful comparison of the plans offered by various insurance companies should be done. Issues to be compared should include the cost of the policy, how the payment is submitted, and the period that one is covered. It is necessary to do this analysis due to the large number of insurance companies and the diversity and complexity of the plans they offer. It is also imperative that one studies the policy to ascertain whether any illnesses or medical conditions are excluded from the coverage.

As much as a Group Health Insurance policy benefits the employer, it is also of utmost importance to the employee. Thus, the employer should have a clear idea of the employees’ healthcare requirements before choosing a certain plan. The plan chosen should benefit the employees as much as possible. A healthy and protected workforce adds to the productivity of the company. The employer could also use the services of a licensed health insurance agent with vast experience and knowledge of the wide assortment of insurance providers, the plans they offer and their difference in prices.

As much as knowledge of your employees’ health requirements is essential, the employer should be aware of how interested the employees are in joining a Group Health Insurance plan. Some employees may not want to contribute part of their salary to a health insurance plan. Taking to mind that most group insurance policies require a certain percentage of employee participation, it is vital that the employer be familiar with the interests of the employees. The amount of money that employees can afford to contribute is also essential. A plan that is too expensive will be a burden to the employees. The flexibility of the health plan is crucial as the workforce is composed of people with different healthcare requirements. It is critical that the Group Health Insurance plan chosen should address as many of their healthcare needs as possible. Enter your Zip at the beginning of this site to get more on Group Health Insurance Options.

Group Health Insurance – Pros and Cons

Group Health Insurance is not only limited to employers only. It can be used by any form of groups and organizations like clubs, unions, special interest groups, governments and so forth. Among the biggest advantages of a Group Health Insurance is that it offers a person with a pre-existing condition to get insured. This happens because the plan is a group policy meaning that no medical history or physical examinations come into question. In short everybody, in the group, is covered irrespective of factors that may have rendered a person uninsurable in other policies. The biggest advantage of this policy is that it is among the most affordable Insurance Policies available that covers all the sensitive medical related areas like long term care and maternity coverage. Being that the cover is relatively cheap, many employers pay for all or part of the Insurance Premiums for their employees every month. These contributions towards this insurance policy are not taxed by the federal government. Incase your employer pays you directly for health insurance, this amount is taxed since you may choose to use it for unrelated needs or wants. Group Health Insurance provides the only means for an employee without individual health insurance to get instant maternity coverage. One can be enrolled in a group insurance once they are employed or may choose to join or switch plans during the open enrollment period. This window usually occurs once a year but may be side stepped in the event of an unavoidable situation like death, divorce or birth of a child. What makes Group Health Insurance cheap is the economy of scale. In terms of insurance, this means that they have fixed rates of services stretched over numerous policies. In short the cost of dealing with one policy affects many people therefore, no waste of time or money is present as compared to dealing with an individual insurance policy.

Being that a Group Health Insurance policy is tailor made for a group, it restricts the choice of services for an individual. This is the biggest disadvantage of this particular insurance policy. The usual freedoms enjoyed in an individual plan like premium, and deductible rate, type of policy and maximum lifetime coverage are not available here. In this policy, they use the “one plan fits all” kind of thinking. In the end, you will have to be contented with whichever doctors or hospitals listed in the plan despite your wishes and desires. Another bone of contention when it comes to Group Health Insurance is the amount of premium payable. This is because to reduce expenses most employers will go for the plan with the lowest premium with a fixed amount for each employee. This means that if they get the cheapest plan, the employee may get it without any deductions on the salary, but if it is a bit more expensive, then 100 percent of the incremental premium will be deducted from the employee’s salary. Check on the insurance brokers available by entering your Zip above and ask as many questions about your Group Insurance coverage.

Benefits of an Affordable Health Insurance Plan for Groups

A reliable Affordable Group Insurance plan is a significant advantage to both the employee and employer. The biggest advantage to employers is the reduced cost. Being that the policy covers more than one employee, the cost to cover many becomes cheaper than covering one. This is because most group insurance plans come at a discounted price which is then shared by all under the Group Insurance plan. As we all know for a business to succeed, more money should be coming in than what is going out. The employer will receive credit for lightening the burden of medical bills from the employees and their families. By placing Employee Health above everything ensures that the employer gets more productivity as compared to the opposite. Once an individual realizes that they have a medical cover sponsored either wholly or in part by their employer, their commitment and loyalty towards their job will automatically increase. Group health Insurance offers a sense of security to the employee from the employer. This by default, results in increased productivity since the employee is guaranteed coverage of his family and himself. The employer also enjoys tax rebates from having Affordable Group Insurance for employees.

When it comes to the employees, the policy covers all medically related issues. Matters like optical, mental and dental care are included in the policy. For those with families, pregnancy costs can be covered therein at a reduced rate. People in a group insurance plan regularly receive numerous educational materials from their insurance firm’s websites on various health related issues. Some firms offer programs aimed at helping the members lose weight, quit smoking and the like. Some go as far as helping the individuals learn more about controlling or avoiding illnesses by having immunizations, screenings and other various helpful services. The companies offering Group Health insurance store the individual’s medical records electronically. This means that the insured can access their medical information easily. One can view everything concerning your medical history and insurance policy like insurance claims and payments, detailed explicate on your benefits sent to your doctor and many more.

With the on going developments in e-business, some insurance firms have the facility to accept premium payments online. As an added advantage, one may access data on numerous doctors, the reviews by other patients and their success stories. This may help in building one’s confidence in their physician’s services. To reduce frequent visits to the doctors office, a toll free 0800 number may be provided in the insurance company’s website. This is a hotline where one can speak to a doctor or a nurse on anything medical that could otherwise not wait until official office hours or for any other reason. Having a medical professional on the telephone advising you may help the person on the phone able to know whether the situation requires emergency health care or not. These, among many others are the fringe benefits of a group health insurance program. Input your Zip in the slot provided to find more websites for insurance companies offering Affordable Group Insurance.

Advantageous Tips on Group Health Insurance

GroupHealthInsuranceApart from providing valuable health insurance to employees which translates to better health and motivation thus higher productivity, it is also a powerful motivating factor for the employer. A company that offers group health insurance cover for its employees is able to attract and recruit highly qualified employees. The affordable, flexible and competitive rates that apply to group health insurance are also a plus. Some companies contribute a percentage of the premium while others pay for the whole amount. Another advantage of offering group health insurance is that it is treated as an additional expense in the company’s books hence reducing the amount of Income Tax.

The risks that come with group health insurance are spread out while the restrictions are a lot less. However, one is bound to the terms of the group. That is all employees in a certain company are bound by theconditions and terms cited in the health insurance plan that concern that group health insurance cover.

In deciding on the best group insurance package to purchase some factors are factored into consideration.

1.         Cost.

The cost of healthcare is continually rising. Group health insurance offers better savings on health care insurance. One should always do thorough research to find the best insurance provider and the best plans.

2.         Coverage.

Generally, group health insurance provides the same protection to all employees. Issues may arise where some employees are covered by a spouse’s plan or when you wish some to be covered by a different plan. Some policies make provisions while others don’t. It is necessary to research which option is the best.

3.         Information.

Health insurance providers usually require certain information about the employees and also the business. Employers should be prepared to provide certain information as required. The quantity and depth of information may vary between different plans and insurers.

Below is a list of a few Group Health Insurance Resources that would be useful when considering the type of plan to enroll in


This site helps you find out which private or public group health insurance options are available in each state. You also get help on using insurance, information about the health care law, comparisons between different health care providers and much more. It is an extremely useful resource when trying to analyze and decide on the best option to enroll in.

–           The Henry J. Kaiser Family foundation.

This is a useful resource that aids you in assessing coverage and the different costs of health insurance in any given state.

–           Chambers of Commerce

This resource provides information about group health insurance for small businesses. Employers are given information that helps in managing the insurance plan. Access to downloadable forms and much more. Employees are also given access to forms that aid in managing the insurance plan and an answer to any questions they may have.

–           Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

This agency aim is to improve health care for all Americans through the provision of adequate information and research. They provide information on factors that affect trends in insurance, what impact the group-size will have on rates and much more.

–           U.S. Department of Health & Human services

This resource offers comprehensive information regarding health insurance in the United States through research.

Mentioned above are just a number of resources useful in finding and implementing the best group health insurance plan. More can be found by inputting your Zip at the provided slot on this website.

Why Student Health Insurance Is Of Utmost Importance

There is a notion that goes around to the effect that student health insurance is a waste of money because the universities or colleges are taking care of it. This is not true and investing in health insurance for your child is crucial because even the learning institutions will only provide basic medical attention in case of illness or an emergency. The colleges and universities have their own student health insurance plans that can be bought by students. Despite having low premiums due to subsidization, the student health plans offered by these institutions are not as flexible and effective as a regular health insurance plan. The main aim of any health plan is get adequate medical coverage, and in case of illness or injury, one should get the necessary attention they need. One should not pay premiums on a monthly basis for a health plan that will not be helpful when when it is most needed.

The life of a student is youthful and energetic. They are full of life and are discovering themselves hence in the course of such a sensitive period they get exposed and interact with both the good and the bad and there is no way of controlling It. Lifestyle such as eating fast foods, late night partying, lack of cleanliness and so on may provide suitable breeding grounds for micro organisms that bring about diseases and other health complications. These are factors beyond your control as a parent at this point and the best one can do is provide them with the best student health insurance you can afford. It may cost as much as $900 annually for a good student health plan, but it will cost thousands and thousands more if your child gets sick and they do not have any health insurance coverage at all. Some sort of health insurance in the end is better than none at all. Students do not make such kind of money and so it is wise to try and be health savvy and avoid dangerous physical activities, and in turn a student can be able to maintain a respectable student health insurance cover at a remarkably low premium since they are generally deemed to be a lower risk even by health insurance companies.

Also in case a student plans to study abroad, this should come as a basic necessity because they are no longer covered under the insurance policy of their parents when they go out of the country unless expressly stated so. Student health insurance will take care of all the health care needs of your child while abroad. Your son or daughter will be able to visit any doctors or hospitals that are in the health plan’s network and be attended to.

It is your choice to buy or not to buy, student health insurance, but as the case has been made in this article, it is wise to preempt a disaster or a catastrophe rather that await its occurrence and deal with the aftermath.

You can find the best student health insurance by doing a basic research that you can start right here by entering your zip code in the slot above this page and comparing rates from different heath insurance providers and also get free health quotes.

What Pleases Student for Health Insurance Plans – Find Out!

Many students are “green”, so to speak when it comes to matters concerning health insurance. This is so because they are never informed about such matters since it is considered the guardian’s prerogative to tend to such matters. This does not reflect positively on them when they have to make choices concerning their health insurance needs when the time comes. Rarely do they know that they have a number of options to go with as students. Here is an attempt to inform and educate students on the different aspects of health insurance options available to them, from different quarters.

Higher education scholars need to know at least the basics of a student health insurance plan before diving head first into the affair. By simply being a member of a certain institution, the health care plans availed in the colleges or universities are not automatically and freely available to you. There are options and some of them are listed below.

College or University Based Health Insurance This is the case in most of the institutions where by partnering up with health insurance providers who in turn are in networks, the universities and colleges are able to provide low premium health insurance plans tailor made for students. The overriding factor here is getting the best coverage, as opposed to going for the lowest premium. Know what your specific needs are and get a policy that will cater to them e.g. if you are a regular at the hospital and need constant check ups, you should go for a comprehensive policy.

Maintaining Your Parents’ Health Insurance Before you go about searching for the right health insurance plan, ask your parents what kind of plan they have and if you are covered in the plan. You may find yourself not needing to get new insurance because you are a dependent in your parents’ policy. Know whether the policy offers the type of coverage that suits you and if it extends to you if your learning institution is far from your residence. Many heath maintenance organizations offer total coverage in the policy holder’s area of residence and its immediate surroundings but not further on.

Individual health insurance plan This is somewhat a convenient option if you are financially well off. You have a wider choice of type of coverage and health insurance providers making it easy to get the right policy that you are comfortable with. It is however, intensely frustrating to get one because of the rigorous physical examinations and medical history scrutiny.

These are just but the main health insurance plans available to you, but not all. We have options like coverage from your previous employer’s health insurance plan, whereby if you continue to pay for the premiums of the policy, the health care coverage goes on to a year and a half. Medicaid is also another option that will cover you if you or your parents are low income earners, you have high medical bills or if you have a disability. Many states also have insurance pools for the individuals including students, who cannot afford any sort of health insurance at all and do not qualify for Medicaid.

Enter your zip above and compare different student health insurance plans, premiums, and other charges e.g. deductibles and copayments, from different health insurance carriers in your state.

Health Insurance Options That Suits For Student

As a student, your priorities are pretty much set out and revolve around your school work, home work, physical education, clubs, camps and many more things that health care insurance can be an elusive thought. This does not mean that it should go out the window. One can never know what awaits them the next minute, and it is always better to exercise safety first. A college or university situation is even more risky with a multitude of young and energetic students from all walks of life. If you are an athlete, it is in your best interest to have a strong student health insurance that has coverage. This also applies to students that interact with the elderly, children, or students who are easily susceptible to illness. Without this coverage, you will have pay for medical expenses, which is a terribly expensive affair. All students should have health insurance and should be able to find out if they are insured under their parent’s coverage, if they are insured at all.

Most of the students will now be covered under the health insurance coverage of their parents because the coverage age of children was raised to 26 years under the ACA 2010. This will apply only if the parents had taken a health insurance plan with dependant coverage meaning if it does not, you will have to get other options. These options are for the once not covered by their parents’ insurance either because the student’s age exceeds 26 years, he or she is not covered by the parent’s health plan or they just do not have health insurance coverage whatsoever.

Nowadays, universities and colleges offer health insurance plans these scholars. The plans vary from institution to institution. A policy offered in one college will most likely be tailor made to fit that particular institution. One institution may offer low premiums for favourable coverage provided the doctors and facilities used are in house while another scheme may charge higher premiums, but one may visit a doctor or hospital of their choice. Also, the student health insurance plan may include coverage that will extend to your dependants e.g. a child, partner etc. always remember to study the policy documents carefully and seek verification for matters beyond your understanding. If the health insurance plan offered at the college or university does not sit well with you, you can seek it elsewhere. Getting your individual student health insurance is doable. Numerous health insurance providers have these special plans offered to students of all ages. The same companies also have the regular insurance plans so you will have to weigh out which one best suits your needs. If you are in sports, you may consider a catastrophic health insurance plan that will provide coverage if you are in an injurious situation and have to be treated. Always play safe when it comes to matters of your health by ensuring that your health is insured because it may save you money and time that would have otherwise been used in your education.

To compare different rates from the leading health insurance companies near your college or university, enter your zip above. It is fast and easy.

Student Health Insurance – Crucial Tips and Insights

Shopping around for student health insurance that is affordable in Utah does not have to be necessarily difficult. I know with the rising cost of living, rising health insurance prices and paying for the colleges or universities you dont necessarily have to dig deep, trying to ensure that they are insured in case of a medical emergency. This is not made easy because most of the Utah Universities will ask for payment of student health insurance premiums for the entire semester up front. This makes it even harder, bearing in mind the college or university fees and other expenses that have to be paid for at this same time.

There are numerous health insurance providers that offer some low cost student health insurance plans that might just fit your needs in the state of Utah. One may be astonished to learn that plans offered by these companies offer better coverage and are cheaper than that what your college or university is offering you. And, guess what, with these individual health insurance plans by the companies, you do not have to pay for the whole semester up front. This may give you a chance to breathe and pay your premiums on an affordable monthly basis.

Provo in Utah is a large city and with its vastness are quite a considerable number of health insurance companies for you to take a pick. Due to the huge number of these companies, you may feel lost trying to identify the best one for you but do not despair. You can easily bring in the expertise of the health insurance brokers in Utah to assist you. And get this; it will not cost anything since these brokers are given commissions by the health insurance companies they take business to. Once you agree on what policy is best for you, you pay the broker or agent the same way and the amount you pay the insurance companies, and they do the rest. It is a hassle free affair, and you end up with the best health care plan you can have because these brokers do not represent a particular insurance company but a number of them making them a hub of up-to-date information and even sound advice. Make sure you try the health insurance broker option out since in the end run, nothing is there to be lost

There are some key health insurance providers in Provo, Utah that can provide student health insurance plans for students in the learning institutions. They are; Regence BlueCross BlueShield, Humana One, Select Health, Assurant and Altius Health. These companies are among others that will provide such medical insurance plans and most have a network with the best hospitals and medical personnel in Provo, Utah. Timpanogos regional and Mountain View in Orem and Payson respectively are run Mountain Star Healthcare while the IHC or Intermountain Healthcare runs the American Fork Hospital. These are just among many other hospitals that all operate in network with most of the Student health insurance plans.

Health insurance prices always vary and another easier way to compare such prices is via the internet. You can enter your zip at the space provided above and in an instant start comparing rates and premiums from different key health insurance providers in Utah and also get free health quotes. Try it now.

All There Is To Student Health Insurance

In the recent years, most of the universities and colleges have made a requirement for students to have health insurance coverage of some sort. This is usually optional and especially targets the students who are not included in their parents’ medical coverage or any type of health insurance coverage at all. Most of these colleges and universities have insurance plans that they subsidize for their students although such plans can also be bought from other private health insurance carriers. Students have to evaluate certain things before buying the insurance. You have to know what type of health insurance coverage you will get for your money’s worth. Also, just like many individual health care plans, always know what conditions or treatments are excluded from the coverage, coverage for pre existing conditions, and charges associated with the scheme e.g. deductibles, copayments, coinsurance etc.

IndividualHealthInsuranceIn your search for the best student health care insurance, you should find out whether the health insurance plan you are about to buy meets standards that have been set by the ACHA – American College Health Association, a body that regulates such plans. Get to know the duration of coverage to find out whether the coverage extends to the summer, when you have taken a semester off, or it simply covers you all through. Make sure you understand the smallest details and do not be afraid to be inquisitive. Find out if the plan offers coverage for prescription medicine, minor surgeries and if it has a life time maximum and so on.

It is worthwhile noting that, almost all student health insurance plans essentially offer mental health perks, a feature not included in many other policies. This primarily due to the elevated levels of stress associated with these learning youngsters, not to mention depression and other factors affecting their psychological and mental health. Ensure that the health insurance plan you purchase has this crucial benefit as a basic.

Also, available a re the catastrophic injury health plans that may be suitable for students due to their physical activities and environment which may lead to the need of emergency medical attention. This may be considered as a supplement to the free health services offered by the colleges or universities, for minor injuries or conditions. Before the Affordable Care Act, students and children alike lost their health insurance coverage once they turned nineteen years. This is not the case now. Children and students can remain under the coverage of their parents’ health insurance policy until they are twenty six years. This means that fewer scholars will take such insurance if the parents have health insurance that covers them.

In general it is highly advisable to acquire student health insurance in case they are not under a health insurance plan because and accident may occur, and if you do not have health coverage, it will cost you an exorbitant amount of money to pay for the expenses. Further more, student health insurance premiums are low because students are young and present a particularly low risk to injury or malady. To compare different student health insurance plans, premiums or to get health quotes, enter your zip code above and make the first step.