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Answers For Individual & Family Health Insurance Questions

What Is The Cost Of Individual Health Insurance For The Average Person?

With everything in the health sector getting expensive, so is the cost of health insurance. Discussed here are a few pointers that may make you have an idea. Gender is a factor. Men die younger and make lesser medical insurance claims, as opposed to women. This makes men premium rates relatively lower than women. The young people also have relatively lower premiums because they are at their prime and healthy hence, at a lower risk of health complications. The older you get, the riskier it is to contract conditions and the higher the premium. Lifestyle choices especially smoking, can negatively affect the price of your insurance coverage. Smokers pay a higher premium because of high risks of contracting conditions. Other factors may include location, the present status of your health and many more.

Can I Buy Individual or Family Health Insurance if I am Jobless?

The answer is a resounding yes and it is no different from buying health insurance when employed either. If you have the resources to buy the coverage, all you have to do is go and shop for the most viable policy for you. With this insurance, you just walk up to the health insurance provider, settle on a policy with maximum coverage at a low premium and buy it. Health insurance prices are usually high, making it hard for someone who is unemployed to keep up but the fact is it is doable and better than having no health care coverage at all.

If I am Medicaid-Eligible, Is It Advisable to Buy Individual Health Insurance?

You should first understand what Medicaid is and what individual health coverage is, to be able to weigh out your options. Medicaid provides the recipient health insurance benefits for no cost. One must be qualified to get in this bracket which is solely for individuals with low incomes. You will start by evaluating the positives and negatives and make that decision. Private health insurance is a costly affair. The premiums are high and differ from person to person due to factors like age, pre existing conditions, weight and lifestyle. The plans usually involve charges such as copayments, deductibles and other costs payable by the recipient. Eligibility is red-taped with the possibility of physical examinations and even denial of coverage.

The upside is that private health care will give you the best services and you will have the flexibility of which company to buy insurance from and what kind of coverage you would like. On the other hand, individuals under Medicaid have their expenses taken care of by the state. This service does not have eligibility conditions based on pre-existing conditions. However, due to reliance on public funds, Medicaid may not give you the flexibility of choice to get better health services elsewhere. What they have is what you get. To get more questions answered or to get a free health quote from leading health care carriers in the country, enter your zip in the box at the space provided on top of the page. It is basic and fast. Just enter your zip code.

Frequently Asked Questions on Individual Health Insurance

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions, to assist you in making informed decisions in individual and family health insurance.

•             Is it true of false that the health insurance exchanges soon to be introduced be cheaper than my options now? The answer to this is uncertain for now because of many factors that have to be considered. For example, we are yet to define whether the health exchanges will allow all the insurance carriers to participate or they will opt for insurance plans that will meet a certain criteria. Also, factors like the number of people willing to take up such insurance, the market trends at the time the exchanges start operating, whether insurers will want in on the action and many more, will affect the health insurance prices and the extent, is just a matter of anticipation.

•             What is a network in relation to health insurance? In the medical and health sector, a network is defined as a list of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, doctors, surgeons, medical specialists and all medical product and services providers that have made agreements with health insurance carriers to give health care services for their clients. They have a pre-defined agreement which is usually lower than the actual amount paid by other patients. This will save you, and your insurer much needed money. Using the services of facilities or specialists outside the network will be costly and even if your insurer pays for part of the expense, it will still be quite expensive for you.

•             Can my Individual or family health insurance policy last for a lifetime? Terms and conditions vary from policy to policy including the renewal of insurance coverage. There are guaranteed renewable policies which can be owned forever on some conditions. The primary one is your ability to pay for the premiums on time regardless whether the insurer adjusts the premium upwards. However, on some instances, the insurer can end the insurance coverage if you resign from your job while you were in a group health plan.

•             How affordable is health insurance if I have a pre-existing condition? It is astonishing to see how people have come to treat the issue of getting health insurance coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. It has been made an issue so stigmatized that individuals with pre-existing conditions don’t care to find out what the options are. The answer is straightforward – it is available and it is affordable. If you are unable to get such insurance due to low income, then the government will take care of you under the Affordable Care Act. Individuals who are old enough can qualify for Medicaid and have state-funded insurance without discrimination by pre-existing conditions. The law in some states e.g. Maryland has prohibited denial of health insurance coverage on the grounds of pre-existing conditions.

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A General Look At Some Individual & Family Health Insurance FAQs

One cannot overestimate the importance of a decent health insurance program. The many different insurance covers with varied levels of protection give rise to numerous questions and it has to be said, intense confusion. Shopping for the most appropriate cost effective and secure plan can be extremely exhausting and unsettling. Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below

Am I eligible?

The question of eligibility is a crucial one. Certain requirements have to be fulfilled before qualification or be eligible for certain health care covers. The requirements vary throughout various states in the US and between various medical insurance providers. Some of the weighty issues that determine eligibility are:

–              Age.

–              Employment/Income.

–              Medical history.

–              Individuals with unique needs.

–              Low income families.

–              Pregnant women.

These are just a few of the factors that determine eligibility. Good information is vital in choosing the best individual and family health insurance policy.

How long is the process of enrollment?

Another frequently asked question is the time it takes for an interested party to get covered. Some people may require immediate cover. A number of factors determine the speed at which an application is processed, evaluated and approved. The age of the applicant, health and type of cover are some.

What are the chances of approval or denial?

This generally depends on one’s medical history and the type of cover. An individual with a poor record of health or medical complications will find it extremely difficult to get approval.

Can I add my family members to my health insurance cover?

Most health insurance providers allow for newborns to be added to existing covers. Adding other members is a lot more complicated.

Is there short-term or temporary health insurance cover?

Some health insurance providers do offer short-term or temporary protection. This type of cover also has the advantage of faster approval as well as being comparatively cheaper. A number of factors may necessitate the application of temporary cover. One such factor is change in employment status for individuals whose employer offers individual or family health insurance cover as part of the employment package.

Is a physical exam necessary to get health insurance cover?

This is not necessary. However, issues such as age may necessitate the application of a physical exam in order to evaluate the health condition of an individual.

Will my pre-existing condition be covered by my individual health insurance policy?

This will rest upon the severity and nature of the pre-existing condition as well as the health insurance provider. This is an immensely serious issue and due care should be taken when choosing the insurance policy. Most individual health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Is weight a factor in health insurance?

In Illinois as an example, health insurance providers have a measurement chart that they use to evaluate applications in terms of height in relation to weight. It is generally known that obesity is a problem that brings about many health complications. It is increasingly becoming a huge issue in the United States. Many health insurance providers usually charge a higher rate to people with weight issues. Some insurers reject overweight individuals outright.

My application was denied. Do I have any other options?

Whether one succeeds, depends largely on the health insurance provider.

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Things To Remember Before Buying Family Health Insurance

Before embarking on shopping for a family health insurance plan, it is paramount that you are well informed and have your priorities straight because it is a large market out there and just like the market place, one can be easily confused or influenced to make a decision they might regret for a long time. Insurance is a lifelong commitment and should be bestowed its due seriousness. Here are some questions to ask yourself when buying health insurance for your family:

How much does the health insurance premium cost and how frequently do they change? This is the primary question to ask because you can only buy what you can afford. These premiums are usually paid on a monthly basis and must be able to fit into your budget comfortably because nonpayment may lead to termination of coverage. You also have to have the exact frequency the health insurance company adjusts its premium. This will enable you anticipate the change and make necessary adjustments to your own budget. It is also essential to know exactly what the premiums you are paying cover you for.

How long does The Policy I Am Buying Last For? You must decide on what period of time you want your policy to cover you for. Short term policies that last between six to twelve months are meant for people in between jobs or if you are planning to move some time soon. You may ask yourself what your situation is and what best suits you. A long term policy has better features in terms of coverage but costs a bit more but then, nothing exceptional comes cheap. Shorter coverage is cheaper and convenient for some people but in case of a complicated medical occurrence, renewing the policy becomes a nightmare as you will have become uninsurable. In short, weigh the pros and cons and find the most viable option.

Is The Health Insurance Company Licensed To Operate In My State? It might seem like a ridiculous question to ask thinking that the government know about all the health carriers in the state but you will be surprised to find out many companies operate in states they are not licensed. Phony insurance companies sell fake insurance to unsuspecting people and if not careful, you could be a victim of such an atrocity. To be safe, deal only with reputable carriers and if the carriers do not possess a policy that is suitable for you, make a thorough research of the alternative health insurance company you will opt for before making the move. One beneficial resource for such a research is the NAIC website i.e. This will give you a list of licensed healthcare insurers in your state.

Other questions to ask yourself are how much you will have to pay as deductibles and copayments and whether or not you qualify for COBRA. It is wise to have this question answered and at your fingertips when you dive into the market so as to come out with the best family health insurance plan you can possibly get. You can start by entering your zip here and get the best of information plus free health quotes.

What Are Individual And Family Health Insurance Comparison Sites?

What is a health insurance comparison website?

This is a site that essentially enables you to compare different aspects of some health insurance companies. With the ease that can be possibly expected, you can be able to make a quick decision on which individual and family health care plan best suits you and also which insurer is most viable for you. By simply using easily available resources from the comfort of your chair, you can get to the internet and quickly calculate health insurance prices. You can be able to make many informed and helpful decisions by accessing the site.

When shopping for competent health insurance for your family or yourself, you will be able to get information that will solidify your choice since the sites provide real time information and may even be narrowed down to your specific liking. When making such a significant move, you will want to have solid information on the financial stability of the health insurers to get an idea of their dependability. This is because no one wants association with a financially unstable company which is risky. Also, information on the quality of their customer services is vital in determining if its staff is professional enough to deal with. This is because buying a health insurance policy is not an everyday venture. Once you have purchased one, you will be with them for a while. When you get into these sites, you will be able to access customer complaint history for each health insurance company that will help you gauge what you are in for before you buy the health insurance policy.

The aim of such a site when shopping for individual or family health insurance is to make sure that you are well informed and have the choice knowingly and willingly. If a healthcare carrier is financially stable then you know they will pay up once you make a claim. Companies with higher ratings e.g. A are companies that are highly stable. Also, to check the complaints that a health insurance company has received, you can go to the respective states’ department of health insurance website where they are all archived. You will be able to get first hand information from previous or current clients of the companies.

The world today is connected through the internet and you may not go down to visit the health insurer or insurance agent’s office just to get this information. You will be able to get health quotes at the touch of a mouse button in a quick manner. The health insurance comparison websites have gone a step further to let you interact with experts in the field and ask them questions you would like answered or give you clarifications online. Get the best individual or family health insurance information, tips and resources without even living the house. Enter your zip code above and achieve quality health care for you and your family.