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The Effects of Politics and Legislation on the Texas Health Insurance.

Health Insurance is often used as a bargaining chip, giving the politicians a boost in their run for office. The State of Texas is no exception, and over the years, healthcare legislation has been passed to protect the citizens. It is yet to fully beneficial to the average Texan, but resuscitation efforts to the healthcare legislation, especially by the conservatives is not a bad sign. A reform bill by a combination of States and another allowing the State of Texas to join other States in formulating its own healthcare plan is a positive step towards achieving better standards in the industry. Politicians are pushing for the bill referred to as Senate Bill 5 and 7, which is a compacted and improved version of the former Senate Bill 5. Included in the bill are other bills that had stalled like measures in cost cutting and a health and human-services package. Also, filed in February 2011, was the Senate 8 bill which seeks the establishment of a Texas Institute of Health Care Quality and Efficiency. The person behind the bill was Senator Nelson with the aim of improving:

•           The quality of health care

•           The accountability of the system in general and

•           The cost effectiveness of the program.

According to the bill, this can be achieved by creating and following up on more effective health care services delivery models, promoting better coordination between the existing and the emerging health insurance providers. Although these bills have since been passed, Texans will have brace themselves for the unknown. Political stalemates are known to carry on for a while and this ends up slowing things down. In order for providers to make group and family health insurance affordable and remain cost effective for them, Texas health care has to focus on a complete overhaul of the redundant cost structures instead of managing the operational cost under the same prohibitive structures. All of the co-actively are responsible for quality and cost repercussions and hence need to come up with stable policies and adhere to them. In the end, one cannot blame the politics of the land or advocate for proper legislation to be enacted, while in the grassroots, nothing changes. An effective, transparent, quality oriented and dynamic healthcare culture capable of adjusting accordingly is a must for the Texas community. The direction the politics and legislation in Texas in moving is quite encouraging. Although some may use this as a political gimmick to gain on their political opponents, it would be advantageous to experience it working out as clear and flawless as written down on paper. The trend will continue with the hope that it could one day come true for Texans and Americans in general.

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