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Vital student health insurance tips

While it is generally recommended and advised that you need to acquire student health insurance while you are studying in the United States, there is no need or point of doing so if you are already covered.  If you are a student at certain college and you are aged 31 years old or younger, you may already covered by your parents insurance policy.  You may also still be covered even if you are not enrolled for studies in the college depending on the rules in force within your state.

To find out whether you really need to buy healthcare insurance policy, you need to conduct proper research about the health care rules of the policy of your parent. You may need to liaise with the Department of Insurance in your state.  Depending on the guidelines in your state, the coverage can automatically terminate after attaining particular age between 18 and 31 years.  You can get the real information about this issue by the calling of   the Department of Insurance at your state or by visiting its website.

When you are researching, you need to pay special attention to the condition whether these rules are compulsory or they are left upon the insurance companies  to decide.   The wording of the respective   statutes in your state matters very much in this aspect. If the Act uses terminologies such as “required”, the insurance companies may be compulsorily required to follow the provisions of that law.  However, if the wording of the statute is allowed, it means the insurance company may or many not follow the law.

Anything that is not expressly provided for in the insurance statutes may be resolved through the common law provisions on the matter or by having regard to the intent and spirit of the law.  For example, if the law is silent about the status of the insurance coverage when you are on holiday out of the campus, then that is left to the insurance companies to decide and the approach of the issue may vary from one insurance company  to the other.

In some few US states, there are some rules which allow the parents to continue keeping their children as dependants and thus covering them under their insurance cover for various ages beyond the traditional 18. Some states allow the coverage to extent up to the age of 31.

Before you purchase the insurance policy you need to know something about the Michelle’s law. This law is to the effect that the students undertaking full time college studies are covered by the health insurance plan of their parent and the cover will extend for period of 12months while  absent from the school because of medical leave.  This law is in force in all the US states but the absence leave should be reasonable and must be certified by registered doctor or other medical practitioner.

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