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Ways to Maintain an Inexpensive Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance is increasingly becoming expensive everywhere and not only in the US. Paying for Health Insurance premiums put an immense strain on most peoples’ monthly budgets. In paces like Iowa statistics claim that an average of 1.7 percent of the residents cannot afford any form of health insurance coverage available. This being the case we have to come up with alternative ways of having an Inexpensive Insurance plan of maintaining the wellbeing of our families and ourselves.

The first step would be getting rid of detrimental health habits like smoking. Smokers spend a lot more on Health Insurance than non smokers. Leave alone the price of cigarettes, insurance firms charge higher premiums for smokers than non smokers. This is because smokers stand a higher chance of getting ill than others. This obviously translates to more visits to the hospital thus the higher premiums. Another valuable step to take in terms of lifestyle changes is controlling your weight. Persons who are obese or have weight problems should have a workout regime that helps reduce their chances of having complications due to their weight. There is a portion of ones well being insurance that is based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) that directly affects the cost of the insurance policy taken out. Basically the more overweight someone is, the more they pay. Exercise is not only restricted to those with weight problems but to everyone since it generally improves someone’s overall health. However, much co-curricular activities may be appropriate for one’s well being, overdoing them might have just an opposite reaction. Unsafe sports or activities that are more likely to put your life in danger will only translate into higher Health Insurance costs.

An insurance deductible is the sum of money one has to pay less what has been settled by the Health Insurance company. A higher deductible equals a lower premium. Therefore, in order for one to lower the premium cost required one has to pick the insurance scheme with the highest deductible rate. Though this may be a pinch in the event of a medical emergency, it is advised that one should open a separate medical savings account to cater for medical costs until one reaches the deductible. In this same breath we also encourage you to increase their copayments. This is a set cash amount paid by the insured at every visit to a health facility. One may lower their premiums by selecting an insurance plan that has high copayments. It is particularly helpful to persons that do not regularly visit the doctor.

In cases where ones coverage does not cover prescriptions, you may opt for generic drugs. For every prescription drug there is a generic one in the market that costs much less. Large pharmaceutical retailers such as Wal-Mart have set programs where many well known generic drugs can be bought from as low as four dollars. For more information on this, enter your Zip on the top portion of this page and find companies that offer Inexpensive Insurance options via the internet.