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What Smoking Can Contribute To The Rising Health Insurance Premiums

The number of people who smoke all over the United States add up to millions and a majority of them face a mammoth challenge when looking for a suitable health insurance cover. However, it is a challenge that every smoker in the US should overcome.


It is not easy living without an insurance coverage because even a small illness could lead to medical expenses running into hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the ailment. Many factors determine the amount that you will have to pay for your health care insurance. While there are many factors that could determine the amount of monthly premium that you will pay for health coverage, smoking is on top of the list.

It is an undeniable fact that cigarette smoking makes your insurance premiums expensive. A smoker is definitely charged more in premiums than non smokers. Many researchers have proved that the cost that is incurred by smokers on insurance is many times higher than what is spent by non smoking counterparts. Every smoker should understand this from the start when looking for a good coverage for his or her health. It is the role of insurance carriers that provide healthcare underwriting to set the rates of premium that are payable.

Different types of lifestyles carry a certain amount of risks the insurer will take this into account when determining a rate to charge you. So as to offset the risks, the insurance companies will find it best to charge you a higher amount of premium. Many people lie about this while providing information about themselves to the insurance company.

But those who do this could face dire consequences when the insurance carrier gets to know about this. It is the wish of every health insurer that, the people who hold their policies remain in great health. They will not take it lightly when they detect that you are engaging in lifestyles that could expose you to serious risks. People who have not smoked for 5 consecutive years are rewarded with small amounts of premiums. It is believed that nonsmokers are able to live longer and healthier lives than smokers.

Those who are considered in a general state of health are also given the low rates of premium. Those who have  not  used  a  cigarette  and other related for  up to  a year are  considered  to be in average condition but the rates which they are charged is higher than that of other people. Anyone who smokes occasionally is considered to be a smoker by insurance standards. The insurer will want to know if you have used any product that has tobacco.

Even occasional smokers should expect to be slapped with high rates of health insurance premium. It is imperative that you allow your conscience be the guide when filling out the health care insurance form. It is not compulsory for nicotine to be traced in your urine samples before you are declared a smoker. Enter your Zip at the top of this page and obtain a comprehensive quote of   the policy you are interested in.