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What You Must Know About Student Health Insurance

There are various options and choices of the student’s insurance cover in the United States.  The popular choices are the cover from your parent’s insurance policy by virtue of being his/her dependant, the college-based insurance cover for the students and the commercial health insurance cover.  The first two options provide some limited form of coverage depending on your age and some other factors such as pre-existing conditions.

While the commercial health insurance cover is generally good, it has the disadvantage that it is not suitable for those with pre-existing conditions. Its greatest advantage on the other hand is that it offers continuity of coverage after completing campus based studies until its scheduled expiry or after attaining 65 years.

The terms of the policy cover from the different insurance companies vary.  It is highly recommended that you seek proper advice and information on the cover that you need to buy.  There is no need of incurring additional costs of paying premiums for example for the commercial health insurance cover if for example you are covered by the policy of your parent.

The healthcare insurance policy can be purchased directly from the insurance company or you can purchase it through an insurance agent. There are two types of insurance agents namely the captive and in the independent agents. The captive agents sell health care insurance policies for particular company.  The independent agents on the other hand sell insurance policies for various different companies.

You should avoid   buying policy through captive agent since it will offer you only the policy options of one insurance company. The independent agent on the other hand will offer several options from different insurance companies.  What you need to note is that you will not incur any further additional costs if you buy student cover through insurance agent despite the fact you will immensely benefit from their expert insurance advice.

Before you take any steps to buy the insurance policy, you should ensure that you are not covered under your parent’s policy. If you are very sure that you are not covered, you should than take the right step forward towards acquiring the right cover. You need to consider those options which are available at your university or college.

Various insurance companies have undertaken some great steps in offering policy covers that are tailor made for the students. You are advised to research and consult widely if you want to get the best deal.  You always need to balance between the need of saving and getting adequate cover. Do not focus very much on acquiring the cheapest policy such that you end up acquiring inadequate cover during your study at the college.

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