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Why Group Health Insurance is Good for Your Employees


Apart from just paying your employees it is wise to have incentives so as to motivate employees. An incentive like Group Health Insurance helps the employees confident about their work conditions and ensures that they work to their full potential. The insurance cover will cost the employer more money than not having one but the advantage is, in the long run, the company will gain more from the employees. If the employees are comfortable, then your business will go on well. You will begin to witness increased productivity resulting in increased income for you, the employer. In short, if the employees are happy, the employer will be happy too. In order to do this the right way, provide medical insurance for the employees and their families. By covering their medical bills via insurance, you will realize that there will be fewer days when the employees abscond work because of being sick. On the contrary if you choose not to give them insurance cover, they may have longer sick days. In some cases, they may not even have enough money to go to the hospital which may result in dire consequences. So this means that if medical cover is provided, an employee will visit a doctor at the first sign of illness. This translates to less time off work and ease of mind for the employer.

Among the few short falls of this means of incentive is that, on an individual basis it will be extremely expensive. Individual health insurance is expensive and may reach a level that is too much for the employer to afford. This may occur if you have many employees or if one or more of them is prone or suffering from a chronic ailment. The other option would be to pay through cash which may instigate some fraudulent activities. An employee can easily collude with a scrupulous doctor and claim to be sick with the aim of siphoning money from you. What will happen is that you may end up paying medical related costs for a person who does not need them. The money may be split between the doctor and the said employee for other benefits other than medication. Just giving the offer of medical cover does not make employees automatically loyal, finding the best way to administer it does.

With all these disadvantages to a good idea, Group Health Insurance comes with the best solution. Group Health Insurance can cover all the medical requirements for your employees and their families while keeping a tight leash on fraud. In addition to covering all the above, it is also remarkably cheap, meaning that it is convenient for the company. An insurance firm can have a Tailor Made Insurance Policy, to cover all the chief medical needs of the group. A Group Health Insurance policy has no limit on the number of persons in the plan. This makes it suitable for anything from small, medium to large businesses. If you are thinking of motivating your employees with this particular venture, enter you or your business’s Zip, and find numerous Group Health Insurance companies and weigh their offers until you get a suitable one.