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Why You Should Buy Health Insurance For Your Elderly Mother

At times there is a wrong perception that health insurance is only meant for those who are younger rather than for the elderly. This is very wrong and in order to put everything into perspective it is good to remember that the elderly are reported to consume up to 30% of all healthcare needs in USA. This is quite astonishing considering that they make up around 13% of the US population. It is this important portion of the populace that your elderly mother belongs.

The amount of money spent on caring for the elderly hit a remarkable high of close to US$375 in the tear 2006 and this is projected to continue rising in the near future. In fact, the rate at which the medical expenses associated with caring for the elderly will rise in the next ten years or so, stands at approximately 8%. The government in conjunction with other policy makers has been trying to come up with policies which will take care of this problem to no avail as yet.

In California, a system has been designed and put in place whereby health insurance is provided to all public employment retirees. This system currently takes care of around 1.2 million people and is, therefore, not yet able to cater for everyone. A second deterrent is that any increase in pricing, no matter how insignificant, ends up hindering the elderly from attending or seeking medical help from the medical hospitals. This could prove dangerous with some type of diseases.

The reduction in the number of elderly people seeking medical care, is not just restricted to visiting doctors and hospitals. It has been noted that the slightest increase in the price of prescription drugs also has a negative effect. It discourages the elderly from utilizing the said drugs thereby placing their health in even more danger. The elderly, including your mother, show an amazing correlation between the demand for drugs and the prices charged for the same.

What all the above facts demonstrate, is that in the absence of proper and adequate health insurance cover, your elderly mother stands at great risk of being unable to enjoy a better quality of life. This is a possibility which is made all the more real by the fact that the issues of pricing could prevent her from acquiring the medicine or treatment which she is in the most need of. What this does is to make this a matter of life and death which can be resolved by getting insurance.

The findings from all the research that had been carried out show that the importance of getting insurance cover for your elderly mother’s health is greater today than it has ever been. Insurance will help her to get the right treatment and medication just when she needs it. The end result will be a mother who is comfortable to continue enjoying her sunset years fully relaxed in the knowledge that should any medical emergency arise, she will be catered to promptly.

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